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Jeremy Robinson. North End jetty. Hurricane Bill. CB.

Jeremy Robinson surfs better than you do.  Everyone wonders, is it better somewhere else? If you’re in the water and Jeremy paddles out next to you, you have your answer.  No.  You’re in the spot.  Jeremy and his wife- no doubt their daughter soon-are always on the surf.  Especially when it is good.  They know every nook and cranny of Pleasure Island and are at that nook when it’s best.

Jeremy’s surfing is quiet and understated, like the man, but solid and stylish.  The guy just never seems to fall.  Ten over and the wave pulling away and starting to barrel?  Oh, no problem.  Just a little nose ride in the tube.  Maybe spin the tail out and back around down in the flat somewhere.  You know, ’cause, I mean, who’s falling?  The guy is as light on his feet as they are sticky.  With more than one wave on the Wall, Jeremy has a wide array of skill.  Lay back snap with a thruster?  Yea, sure.  Ten over soul arch?  Yup.  Semi-hack to bottom drive to floater on a log?  Ok.  Ten over, back step, trim, ten over plus a little shower, back step and drop knee cutty?  Yup.  That one too.

So, it really should be no surprise that he’s in place on this bomb and just waiting for his moment in the shade and the claim on the other side.  This is Jeremy on the jetty for Hurricane Bill.  See what I mean? Skills.  And one hell of a nice guy.


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