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Easy Morning

Andy Tolhurst finds a little corner all to himself

This is one morning in February.  The swell was more or less non-existent, but armed with a heavily glassed 9’4″ “the notes” was able to find one or two that made it worth the time and effort.  The photo was taken by Ryan Tolhurst on the beach recovering from knee surgery.  A 200mm lens again shot on automatic with a Canon Digital Rebel.  There were two more but this is the one that stood out the most.  It made the wall of fame for composition, the play of light behind the wave and the fact that “the notes” is usually behind the lens and rarely gets a shot at being in front.

These are the kind of sessions that remind you why you are still so passionate about the sport and art.  No crowd, no expectations and plenty of fun.  While the waves are neither “epic” or really even a mentionable swell, the pure enjoyment of just goofing around in mediocre swell pays off for the hours you can’t.  This picture brings those back and hence makes the wall.  Hope you catch your own day soon.  Busy tomorrow?


4 responses

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  2. Ryan Tolhurst

    one of my all time favorites. right place right time on both ends. pura vida

    May 22, 2010 at 12:09 am

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