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And we go to sea once more…

It has been a while since the last set of notes.  In part due to a loss of heart, and due to the advent of crawling (my second daughter, not my heart).  It seems appropriate in some cyclical manner that the 2012 Fisherman’s Post Inshore Challenge would be a small impetus to return to punching the keys.  This weekend the crew of Sonny Days will once again ante up in an effort to bring home a cash worthy flounder or drum.  But that is only a small and somewhat superficial excuse to return to shelling out words for free.  The other is infinitely more twisted and complicated.  I hate it, I love it, and I missed it.  So you’re stuck with it.  Thanks for returning to waste your time.

What will follow from here may be a bit different then in the past.  You can expect more for the Wall of Fame, the feature stories under pages and posts, but also some new stuff.  You will find some reviews of gear,  travel accommodations and adventures as well as the occasional mindless rambling from a mid-life dad on, well, anything.  From spending time in the garage, to pulling weird bits of food out of your daughter’s mouth that she found on the floor, to the presidential race, to fishing, to the approach of kindergarten, to good slip-n’-slides, to…anything.  And, of course, you can find the surf articles and photos you are used to as you apparently have been looking.  Thanks for that.

In fact, we recently had a bout of surf.  Good surf.  Regular surf.  Here on the east coast.  There was Alberta and Beryl and some good strong long period swell for more than a week straight.  As photos have dwindled in from the local photographers, as well as more national coverage like Surfline, I’ve had the chance to stand behind the lens as well as in front and chat in and out of the line-up regarding our good fortune.  The number one comment? “It’s so much easier to surf when it’s regular and good…”  Hard to argue.  From guys my age, to those older than myself, to those still invincible, all of ’em said the same thing.  Or some version of the same thing anyway.  The old adage is true.  If you can surf on the east coast, you can surf anywhere.  And when it’s good at home, you know you want to be right here.

Thanks for returning to “the notes”.  Keep checking back in for more ways to waste time, and just maybe something useful.

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