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Hasta Luego

There have been plans for an accumulated story on a devotion and passion, a few longboard sessions, some do-it-yourself trailer repair with the help of 96 Charters (check the blog under blogroll) for spring fishing and swells.  Ultimately, little has actually been accomplished other than remaining afloat as North End Landscapes comes into the summer season and the classes I’m responsible for at the high school have been knee deep in their studies.  So, chuck it all.  It’s warm south.  So, the Notes is headed south and then slightly north of there.  A true amigo is set to wed and for that we load up, call in favors for babysitting and hop a flight towards the Dominican Republic.  After a weekend of helping our friend celebrar su bode, the notes moves to the northern Dominican in the area of Caberete for lounging with Mrs. Notes for a week.  Sold the whole idea as a last chance for a get-a-way before the new little niña arrives and all saving goes towards the inevitable Disney pilgrimage.  Unfortunately the data rates for the web card just aren’t in the budget for a trip funded on unpaid bills and juggled credit.  So, follow along with the tweeted notes (northendnotes@twitter) and check back here for photos and words on return.  Be sure to grab a copy of Local Sessions for some new pieces coming soon.  Till then, here are some shots to tide you over.

Thanks for checking in.

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