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The picture of patience...

As I watched my brother’s dog hawk my daughter’s snack with the soft, tender, lovable approach that labs use to win their treats and mastery of us, it occurred to me that patience is absolutely necessary in July at the beach.  First, it’s hot.  Very.  The kind of heat and humidity that appears like a white hazy cloud and makes you bow your head in order to stand its searing weight.  Second, it’s crowded with tourists.  Really crowded.  To the point where any out-of-state plate is suspect for causing a good traffic jam.  Third, the surf is flat.  Very flat.  The kind of flat that makes fishing wrecks along the coast possible without fear of jarring  your skeleton loose through your nose on the return trip.

Recently all “the notes” brothers  and “the notes” Sr. went out along the Cape Fear coast to do just that.  Fish wrecks, not snort skeletons.  Everyone fought honest fish and the take was pretty solid, including a long and under-gunned fight with an over slot sized red drum.  After downing ridiculous portions of flounder and rice there has been mostly laying about and working off some of the cholesterol.

Not pictured...3ft shark, over-slot drum. Also not pictured...several rays and toad fish. bastards.

While the surf seems to be tempting as it rises above thigh high here in the middle of the month, it is still a tough sell to trade in favors and call off work for some wobbly, 5 second period wave.  However, the alternative is to stay dry for the month. So we search and go any way.  Furtively driving up this block and down the next we are on the lookout. Checking the next little street just past the corner market because I think the sand is starting to shoal up better right there.  In that spirit there is a new addition to  the Wall of Fame.  Summer appropriate as we slog our way through July and eye the tropics and coast of Africa.  Check it out here, on the Wall of Fame page or by using its page link directly (on the right under “note pages”).  Keep a weather eye on the charts and happy hunting.

Captain's take.

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