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Waiting it out...

So we have survived Memorial Day and the fourth of July. The hordes have come and gone.  Sure there are still the aggravating few slowly switching lanes in search of some street which their GPS has told them is approaching on the right, no…wait, left.  No…right.  Better just to apply the brakes and stop in the road.  But aside from this and some dense unweilding heat settling in-you know it’s hot when even the dog sticks his nose out from the AC only to turn around with an air saying, “screw it.  I’ll just hold it.”-aside from that the summer has rolled along and now we are somewhere in the middle.  The youngest of “the notes” brothers purchased a new board more or less dooming the potential for surf for the next two weeks.  Thanks for that but we can stand around in the office (the garage-now with new wall fan) and fix a few dings and check to make sure the beer company is honest about the volume of their containers.  So far they have been accurate. A couple of fishing trips lined up.  Hopefully the fish are not as jaded by the heat as the first mate.  Regardless, the mornings of waffles and cartoons and half gallons of coffee have been fun.  Here at the notes” we have memorized all the lines to every Disney classic as well as the new Pixars, we have doubled our Spanish vocabulary thanks to Handy Manny and the old Spanish 1 and 2 textbooks left from the school year, and have saved many princesses from untold danger with harrowing swashbuckling and dance moves-yes, dance moves.  It mystifies the bad guys and leaves them open for saber attacks. We have pretended to make and eat numerous plastic cupcakes and cheeseburgers. We have even had parades to celebrate…well…anything.

In fact, in three to four weeks of such variety and fun, the only thing we are missing are waves.  So, Mother Nature, anytime you’re ready so are we.  Old wax has been stripped.  Fins have been changed and rechanged.  The garage has been cleaned, the yard is immaculate and my dancing, parading, fake-food eating, fishing, slip and sliding, and pirating skills are at an all time high.  Now we need the waves.  Please.

anytime would be great. thanks.

One response

  1. Mom

    What could possibly be more fun Slip’n Slide & having PaPa & NaNa in town???

    July 10, 2010 at 9:36 am

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