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60lbs of Goodness

Like most of us that hack out our living in coastal towns, “the notes” took its turn in kitchens all over.  The last time I was in a kitchen I was the first to volunteer to go home.  It was my last day as a prep cook-or any type of cook other than dad.  Recently, “the notes” was down on Carolina Beach for a little windswell .  Without a longboard the only thing to do was shoot some photos and video (video coming soon).  And bum around looking for copies of ESM for a new article.  Basically, wasting time till evening.  “the notes” tumbled into the Surf House and discovered it closed.  Barely back to the truck through the parking lot and Brad came outside.  You see, the kitchen was closed and he thought I was there for their excellent new menu (the Turkey Cuban is nice).  After chatting about the “pay-off” I was still making for the last run of surf-now in the form of tail dings and rock damage, he invited to show me the kitchen.  60 pounds of clam chowder is required to enter the Pleasure Island Clam Chowder Cook-Off.  60 pounds is far more clam chowder than they realised.  So the kitchen was closed as two guys were confined, surrounded, and hidden behind walls of white containers all containing chowder.  As a former prep cook I could only imagine quitting time.  Brad sold me the ding repair and I wished them luck.

Turns out they made 60 pounds of fan favorite winning chowder.  Though the judges cards would read different, the people’s champ is a coveted title.  Congratulations Surf House.  60 times over.

Check the article here and their site here


One response

  1. Mom

    Yummy!! Will order some chowder next time we are at Sandy Toes!

    April 20, 2010 at 11:56 am

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