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Pay Up

For those without debt.

Becomes sometimes you owe.  We put off responsibility for a variety of reasons.  Most of them whimsical.  Then the surf goes flat and we owe.  Big time.  We owe work, we owe responsibilities and we owe our loved ones.  So if you have been checking “the notes” and wondered why the last post was so old, well, March had a lot of surf.  Then aunts and uncles come for a visit; Easter was in there somewhere; grandparents visit their granddaughter; an interview for Local Sessions, a film review for ESM, hopefully an interview with for SurfCarolina; landscaping proposals, maintenance; planning for the final nine weeks of classes at your real job; a city-wide festival complete with The Goo-Goo Dolls, Miss USA and its own queen; and then your sister-in-law has a raging 28th birthday party which you really pay for.  Locals Tony Silvagni and Drake Courie went down to Easter Fest with 5 grand up for grabs. Silvagni returned and jetted off to Boca Barranaca for the ASP LQS 3 star, making the semis with Carolina bred Ty Roach.  There was a day of surf that was fun and saw some full 100 yard long five and ten-overs.  “The notes” saw a few sets but that was it, because, well, sometimes you owe.

Hope you found all your eggs. If you didn't, that smell means you should keep looking.

Stay tuned for more swell coverage as we head into spring as well as more active posting on things of interest for those that are willing to waste their time here.  Enjoy.


One response

  1. Mom

    You know what they say “all work & no play” or maybe it’s “what goes around comes around!” Gigi said play keeps you young!!

    April 14, 2010 at 2:31 pm

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