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One more for the road

We thought March was all but gone and April here.  From the sun, lighter weather, and rising water temperature such a notion is understandable.  However, no-one told March.  So, with one weekend to go the arguably best and most consistent month of the year delivered swell one last time.  Thursday a low system moved in bringing plenty of wind and rain.  On Friday that same system stalled out before slowly moving on north-northwest.  The result was a Monday of still to light breeze followed by offshores Tuesday morning that kept things glassy till late day (even then there were still a few gems to be had if one had the patience).  With everyone hunting for breaks that would handle the sweep, tide etc., March brought more than a few visitors to the north end.  From the pro, to the grom, to the local charger, everyone had a go and there were plenty of waves to share around (along with plenty of respect shown the regulars).  What follows is a collection of the month on all kinds of shapes by all kinds of folk.  Enjoy a look back as we all look forward to April.

(Apologies to Joe Chesire of Digital Wunderland and Hunter Heaverly. Every time you guys were in the water so were “the notes”.  Suppose there should be more diligence behind the lenses but don’t hold your breath.)


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