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Goodbye March, Hello April

Dylan Morris with the surf/skate style born of a island town that has both.

Chopes has been lighting up.

Local pros Dylan Kowalski and Ben Bourgeois have been lighting up the Vans Pier Classic and around here, well…it’s been flat.  While it has been flat, that is not always a bad thing.  It affords us the opportunity to fine tune our other hobbies, to branch out and broaden the search for those things which make work tolerable, and it affords us the time to actually get work done.  Before our most recent swell arrived this week it has been flat.  So “the notes” and some of the local youth went real flat.  Smooth and flat that is at the local skatepark.  The surf style of a beach town is reflected in its skaters as much as its eateries/shops (The Surf House), the surf shops (Island Kite), pubs (the Last Resort, The Dive Bar, and The Fat Pelican) local trade shops (like Something Beachy: Beach Furniture and Nautical Consignment or even Island Tackle and Hardware).   Check out the gallery below for some pictures of local Andrew Silvagni out of hibernation as well as one or two others enjoying the sun and 70 degrees.

Yet, it is an island and beach town as the lead photo would suggest so when the surf is good…”nobody works.”  Perhaps the last real swell in March was not much to get hyped about.  It was a blessing to find it larger than expected.  A short, and not altogether strong, blow overnight turned offshore in the morning and the resulting leftover windswell was enough for those of us over 90 pounds to grab a few if you’re patient and allowed the groms a chance to show off.  The Raynor boys made a visit to the north end and “the notes” blew off going in to work early (hey, it’s Spring Break man!) and caught the guys fresh from some stellar performances in last week’s ESA contest.  Jake Raynor took first place in “Boys” while his brother Jesse finished a close second.  Bo Raynor continued to impress as he took down the menehues.  The Raynor boys and “the notes” were joined by longtime Ryanor riders, the Morvil family.  Dad Jeff still is stylish and strong front or backside despite a less-than-strong back and his own boys, Gabe and Vance, showed they definitely landed close to the tree.  Long time north end regular Joe Deans showed up with his buddy and standout Drake Courie (UNCW surf team member) for a surf both fresh from Puerto Rico.  The warm water must have had them jonesing to shed some rubber, but by the time “the notes” left the beach to head back to work both had replaced their common sense and added their booties.  Soon boys, soon.  We are all waiting…


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  1. Mom

    Makes me want to surf! How about if I stick to “crazy hats & shirts” to be captain of the local cheer section?? Can’t wait to get there and be an almost local.

    March 27, 2010 at 7:20 am

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