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A New Season

Abby gets a good look at spring

Well, the first day of spring is officially here.  And ushered in grand style by sunny blue Carolina skies and a small groundswell.  There were any number of events going on around the Wilmington area.  “The notes” should have been at the NSSA surf contest at Wrightsville Beach covering all the sport’s hot new stars.  There was a small groundswell that more than likely made conditions contestable.  In fact, “the notes” was out for swell coverage on Wednesday when the swell size was at its best, but by the time most of us got off of work it had been cut up along the face by a south-easterly wind.  Even the pictures felt like a waste of time in upload and editing.

Friday “the notes” tried to beat the spring fishing rush.  We arrived before the fish.  All was not a loss since it was 63 degrees, sunny and accompanied by a solid sunset.

Today when dawn arrived with the advent of spring, we spent the time working in the yard and cruising onboard The Sonny Days. With the upcoming annual “guy’s camping trip” (Sonny and I) to the Outer Banks for Spring Break and swell more than likely, the trade-off seemed all the more reasonable.  Spring may be the best time for such acts of whimsy.  It is spring afterall.  The time of the new crush or the long time love remembered anew and fresh in sunlight and warm breezes.  It is the time when the prospect of a simple hour or two outside on the porch makes the day seem that much brighter and your smile that much more full.  Spring.  Saying the word causes us to unconsciously breathe deep and roll back our shoulders.  Why?  Shortly we will deal with an onslaught of pollen laying like a fine dust covering over everything we own.  Noses unused to such new life will rebel and the spring equivalent of the winter cold will spread around our communities.  But, for the next few days, life is new, spring is here and it is all Ok again.

All "the notes" out for spring and shirking responsible decision making.

Captain Sonny and the girls


One response

  1. Mom

    “Skipping Out” for a spring day has long run in some portion of the family. Glad you all are keeping up the tradition! Here’s to many more “Sonny Days” & “Sandy Toes”!!

    March 21, 2010 at 6:13 pm

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