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March Keeps Its Promise

CB classic falling tide scoop.

It seems as though every year March brings not just the promise of spring, but also waves.  On Pleasure Island, this is the month that you are likely to see the most decent push of solid, clean conditions.  Rivaled only by the hurricane, the March swell is warm enough that you can lose the gloves, feel the sun in between sets, and even enjoy a day with family and friends on the beach.

Morning has broken...

This past weekend was the promise of March fulfilled.  Friday evening a low pressure system pushed off the coast and held long enough to send some decent wave energy in just the right direction for the Carolina coast.  It even saw fit to keep the winds slight.  Friday afternoon the Northeast winds that circled through built the surf to head high and bigger conditions.  Seeking a better wind across the face of the wave and a break from so much drift, guys in the immediate area hit their favorite barrier island or travelled along some of Carolina’s blue highways.  The Sonny Days made anchor in a sheltered little cove on the favorite nearby island.  At first the wind was strong, but by sunset the wind had swung more offshore and even laid down lining up the swell for a display of the island’s best potential.  A rich blue-green peak feathered on the outer shoals before arriving in the line-up in crisp perfection.  The warmer air temp made it bearable to put away the gloves.  The ride home along the Intracoastal Waterway was

March in the evening on the ICW

bathed in a sunset with blues and orange as rich as the greens of the sea.  The low system showed swell on the ocean buoys (not the one the Coast Guard spent the weekend trying to retrieve from sunning like some red and white metal work of modern art– “Midwesterner in Repose”).

A four-foot tide hid some of the potential early on Saturday morning for most, but March has been a time of swell for all and the regular crew of stand-up paddlers and heavy longboards were able to surf an open line-up early.  The Surf House SUP crew, the guys and gals on the couch in the local eatery and shop, were there before hitting the breakfast bar and putting the coffee on.  By midmorning the tide had dropped out and the word had reached the Wrightsville Beach regulars.  As the cloud cover began to break up, Allen, Finch, Scott, Chad and Doug all made the trek down US 421 for some of the best waves of the day.  The reports called for a light wind all day.  Spring must be on the way for certain because the midday sea-breeze returned and settled in with some of the winter blow still behind it.  ‘the notes’, family and friends all spent the last few hours of the day catching one or two waves and playing with the kids in the sand.  The swell is due to hold through tomorrow.  The winds are supposed to stay favorable.  One thing is certain, March still has three more weeks.

Check put the photo gallery below for all Saturday’s action (Sonny blew off his photo duties Friday evening).



One response

  1. Mom

    Looks like a great time! Hope to be there soon to enjoy the days with y’all!

    March 17, 2010 at 3:31 pm

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