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Easy like Sunday morning…

Coming out of hibernation.

It has been flat, cold and wet for a while. This weekend the wind was still or slight and the sun allowed to stay on the body long enough to feel warm.  Spring is just under the cool breeze and still present bite to the water temperature.  When waves came around today a few of the more familiar faces came out of slumber–one from Boliva– and work hibernation to waste some golden time in some small groundswell.  Last week there was very little sun and the damp breeze made the bite more of a stab.  Thursday surprised everyone with some solid chest high barrels.  Surprise enough that the battery on the camera was uncharged and the thruster only put in as an afterthought.  A leash would have been a good forethought but an occasional swim seems tolerable if you were tucked back far enough to have earned it.  Ah, March.  Thought you would never make it.


One response

  1. Mom

    Easy, breezy morning. Sounds like a great morning to look for Spring! Hope to get there “soon.”

    March 8, 2010 at 7:16 am

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