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The 2010 Quicksilver Pro and the ASP

Last evening saw a great heat between Dane Reynolds and Jeremy Flores. The lead see-sawed back and forth. Both of the ASP’s new hope were killing it to the tune of a .23 difference with 8 minutes to go–advantage for the Hossegor standout. Dane needs a 6.something and the Frenchman keeps finding waves right behind the phenom. Slater is on the beach giving insight to waves and heat strategy as Jake Patterson interviews.  This is something the ASP has done right in a time when many actions are watched under microscope.  At the Volcom Pipe event the viewer was granted the insight of Gerry Lopez.  Heat-by-heat we were given an insight in such a casual manner with so much experience and honesty that without the web feed the casual surfing enthusiast would have seen the heat and felt the contest.  Whenever Slater calls it a day, we can only hope that he drops in on the tour as a commentator.  Suddenly the coverage of professional surfing is relevant and intriguing again.

Back in the heat between Reynolds and Flores, Flores keeps Reynolds off by seemingly grabbing the wave right behind and equalling the score for every one of Reynolds efforts. Till Reynolds makes his mark with 1:41 to go and gets the 6.something. Flores needs a 5.8 and gets a 5.0 with 13 seconds to go. Reynolds exhales.  At the horn it is Dane who has overcome the difference to get the W and held off time and competitor. 13.57 to 13.23, Dane Reynolds. Tune in to the event here: Quicksilver Pro

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