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Local Goes BIG

Silvagni. Ocean Beach Pro presented by Gidget. Credit:ASP Press

Local pro Tony Silvagni recently won the Ocean Beach PLA Pro ASQ 2 star event in 10 to 12 foot surf at Ocean Beach pier in San Diego CA.  The surf was heavy enough to leave the females on the beach as they agreed to split the points and money given the grueling conditions (this is no slight to the females.  They may be the smarter for it).  Silvagni overcame the giant and out of control conditions as well as a heat packed with WLT regulars including past WLT champion Colin McPhillips and charging Frenchman Remi Arouza.   In the ASP press release Silvagni is quoted as saying, “I’ve made so many finals and it feels amazing to finally win an ASP LQS event,” Silvagni said. “It’s always been my goal to start the year out on top and it’s great to finally accomplish my goals.”

Taking the win in the season opening ASP event is a promising start to the tour sophomore.  In the press release Silvagni echoes this feeling.  “This is a great kickoff to my year for the WLT,” Silvagni said. “It really gives me confidence going up against the world’s best. Now I’m off to Hawaii to spend time with my girlfriend and will be surfing a lot more.”  This is the fist ASP LQS win for the Kure Beach native.  For those that have watched him progress from grommet days at “the poo pipe” or Sunskipper to world traveller, Silvagni Pro/AM contest coordinator, and World Surfing Championship winner, we know that it will not be the last time we hear big things from his career or see him “go big.”

check out the ASP website or surfersvillage for the heat draws and results.
Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) North America

Ocean Beach PLA Pro
ASP LQS 2-Star (Men’s)
Ocean Beach PLA Pro presented by Gidget
ASP LQS 2-Star (Women’s)
San Diego, California, United States of America
February 28, 2010


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