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Changing the way we see surfing

Curt Morgan is changing the way we see surfing.  He has perfected a new camera that shoots 1000 frames per second in HD.  The footage is unbelievably clear to say nothing of the incredible slow motion.  He recently tried out his custom water housing and camera in Mexico with the likes of Julian Wilson, Kelly Slater, and Jeremy Flores.  The technology is not entirely new. It has been used in scientific research for decades.  Imagine the old crash test dummies you saw in driver’s education films or shots of explosions in history and science class.  Morgan has added a 35mm sensor that enables it to be used for movie quality images.  While this is the first time that the camera and technology has been applied to surfing, it is not the first time the surf film has seen the use of slow motion.  Guy MacGillvray featured Gerry Lopez at a rate of 400 frames per second at pipeline back in the 70’s.  Morgan released a new wave of advancement and considering the selection of riders in front of the lense it will no doubt cause the same impact.  Check it out for yourself.

Surfline Feature-Curt Morgan

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