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NCCAT Writing Conference

Ocracoke Island, NC

what quiet looks like at 60mph

The drive in was the same.  Maybe even quieter under snow that remained.  After Morehead and Beaufort, there isn’t much till Down East which makes you think, “man, I could live this quiet, this small.”  Through more marsh and on out to the ferry landing, Cedar Island feels like the end of a thought that is left to hang as your brain goes quiet.  On the opposite side of Pamlico Sound-one of the largest bodies of water of its kind in the world, the Coast Guard station has the same feel sitting on the very edge of the same body of water.   The Coast Guard station is immaculate and incredibly comfortable after having been completely rebuilt.  Some of the barracks are tight, it is the Coast Guard after all, but there are several that are of larger size.  Regardless it is certainly more clean and new than my old college dorm room, any apartment I owned and is not even the same discussion as the Days Inn near Hampton University-though the access to Jamaican fare was unparalleled.

bridge to the end

NCCAT has spared no expense to really allow their attending teachers a place to refresh and retreat and hopefully renew.  The food is good and the dinner ware even has the logo printed.  A common room with a stocked fridge and huge snack bin is a nice touch, not to mention world class sunset from the watch tower. Renewal is the first concern so the crowd is as eclectic as the scheduled activities (tomorrow features a cold sail upon the Windfall schooner).  In fact they are very encouraging of taking time for oneself (read-surfing in Buxton).  This varied and unique make-up might be the best part.  No pretentious attendees.  “notes” got the chance to interview their “conference buddy.”  Though at first this may elicit a slight shudder for those that hate this sort of thing, the  results were captivating. Like Patricia, who is a teacher of 2nd graders after 17 years as a mechanical and electrical engineer.  While she may seem the unassuming 60-something, she and her husband rode 1200 miles to Sturgis, South Dakota for the bike festival on one of her two Harleys.  This in between passions for Western Line Dance, Country Two Step, and East and West Coast Swing.  Then there is Holly, the lead singer in a band, Hot Flash and the Kidney Stones, in her hometown.  Donna Glee, seminar leader, has written for both blue grass music publications and kung fu.  See?  Tons of stuff here.  The logisitics-coordinator is a lifelong resident and her father a retired ferry captain and both are every bit real people.  Stay tuned for more.  Check out a complete slideshow of day

NCCAT-US Coast Guard Station

one on the link below:

Day One Photos

Scroll on down for two leftovers from the Snow Day post.

A last snow blanketed sunset on the CB yacht basin

the family day out will wear down the best of us.


2 responses

  1. Donna Jones

    Hi Andy,
    I love your blog! What a great idea. It was wonderful to see Abby at her Valentines party and to see your “big” snow. The writing is great! With your photographic and writing skills, I know would (WILL) make a great journalist or freelance writer. I’m looking forward to reading more. I hope you have a wonderful week to rest, renew, and learn. Love, Mom J.

    February 15, 2010 at 1:42 pm

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