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Snow Day

north end snowed in

Even Frosty is watching from the beach

What is it about snow on the ground that returns us to days gone by? For those currently

Snowy River

in the north east, there is no nostalgia.  Only a silent prayer, “please Lord, let it end soon.  I need more toilet paper and milk.”  However, those of us along the south east coast of North Carolina rarely get a look at so much ground cover.  Usually it invokes mass hysteria and a rush on all essential goods at the grocery store-not unlike hurricane season.  This time though, since the storm came quietly in the night, there was fun and the chance to get out and act like a tourist in your own town. Everything looks different under 3 to 6 inches of snow (the people in the north just remembered they need to go dig their car out, that the lump in the driveway is not a drift.).  My daughter put up a good fight for a while and helped get a start on the first few snowmen.  She was much more into taking pictures of those that had been finished rather than stand around and wait for her own toes to go numb or her hands to freeze.  So a half hour after she had given herself up to better reason, I was still chuckling like a idiot and putting on final touches.  I sometimes forget that life along the beach is all she knows.  Maybe she is just smarter.  Whichever, the community was out and enjoying the blanket of white and changed our view, if just for a day-hopefully, only a day-that snow can make life look new.

snowy flight

While there was no school to cancel, Wilmington did get out and celebrate it’s heaviest snow day in a long time.  Photos from around the city rolled into the newspaper desk and snowball fight reports hit the 911 dispatch center (hey, it doesn’t happen all that often around here and most of us just aren’t sure what to make of it).  Check starnewsonline.com for up to date reader photos and news coverage.  “The notes” checked out the wave that came rolling in with the snow, but, like the snowmen, opted to stay on the beach.  The neighborhood got to work with snowmen from all walks of life and varying degrees of success (again, not a whole lot of experience here-click to check out the handywork).

Snowmen About Town

Another sand bar along Pleasure Island comes alive with no-one to notice

The sun is coming out now and Frosty and his buddies are headed for that train back north.  We’re glad they got a chance to visit and not all too sorry that it is not a regular visit.  There is not a whole lot to offer as far as salt and snow plows down this way. For now it’s all ok. Enjoy.

Winter comes to Snow's Cut

CB Yacht Basin quietly tucked in.

CB yacht basin silently tucked in.


Sonny and I goofing for the camera

Sonny and Abby get to work on their snow man

The Fam' in snow

The Fam' in snow

not enough size for the hypothermia trade off

a sand bar along Pleasure Island enjoys a winter snow all to itself.


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